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xtf Hearing Malé Kousky Svobody played live was one of the most enjoyable moments I have experienced in a while. Favorite track: malé kousky svobody (little pieces of freedom).
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you can name your price of the download. not paying anything is of course completely ok - it's up to you. we will give all the collected money to benefit funds via coffee breath records

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flexi 7" was released in august 2011 by the band with a help of revolution summer records. 250 pieces were made. we put all our music for free download. if you like the music please support the band by coming to one of shows or by buying some of the records


released August 19, 2011

remek is simona, juraj, marek and honza. recorded and mixed by blum at gattaca rehearsal room. backvocals by a bunch of friends.

go to remekdiy.wordpres.com for more information.





REMEK Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

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Track Name: štěkot uvázaných psů (barking of leashed dogs)
TEXT: „někde po cestě jsme ztratili duši. pěkně vypadat. pěkně zapadat. pěkně si žít. ztratili jsme duši. ztratili jsme vztek. ztratili jsme paměť. ztratili jsme dech. štěkot uvázaných psů je možná k smíchu, ale odmítám žít jak kastrovanej pudl.“

LYRICS: "we lost our souls somewhere on the way. to look cool, to fit in, to have a nice life. we lost our souls, we lost our anger and we lost our memory. we lost our breath too. barking dogs may seem funny, however i refuse to live like a castrated poodle nontheless"
Track Name: malé kousky svobody (little pieces of freedom)
TEXT: „Největší úleva přišla s tím, že si od nich nemusím nic brát. Že to, co chceme, si musíme vzít. A že to, co dávaj, není to, za co stojí za to žít. Už dávno vím, že jsme prodali svoje sny. Už dávno vím, že nám je nikdo nezaplatil. Takže zase platíme my. Za malé kousky svobody. Mám si zpátky koupit, co jsem neprodal. Mám platit za to, jak chci žít. Ve světě, kde za všechno platíš, má cenu jen to, co uděláš sám. Víc, než pachuť krve v krku. Víc, než společně propocený noci. Naše životy. Dokud máme vášeň. Dokud víme, co nechceme, máme šanci mít to, co chceme.“

LYRICS: "The biggest relief came when I realized that we dont have to take anything from what they offer us. We need to take what we want instead. Also, that what they give away isn't anything worth living for. For long have I known that we sold our dreams and that nobody ever payed for them. We are those who have to pay for the small pieces of freedom. I'm supposed to buy back what I didn't sell. I need to pay for the way I want to live my life. In the world where everything has its price the only thing worth anything is the thing you do yourself. More than the taste of blood in your throat. More than any nights spend together, sweating. Our lives. As long as there is some passion left. As long as we know, what we dont want, we have a chance to get what we want."